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Nursery Prints (Set of 3)

  • Featuring in a NEW personalised collection, these set of 3 framed prints are originally illustrated by Terri Peay in Water colour and Ink.

    Each of the framed prints is personalised and hand signed by Terri on the front and back of the picture.

    The print can include; The baby's name, birthday, weight & where they were born. They can also feature a personal message written on the front of the mount or intergrated into the illustration. (Please contact us for more details).


    You can feature any animals that are currently pictured on the website to be illustrated within the leaf circle. 

    Prior to printing, Terri will send through a proof design of your chosen 3 illustrations. 


    Frame Size Approx:

    9 x 7 inches 


    Picture size approx:

    6 x 4 inches


    Please note frame colour/options may vary.

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